Pet Pics

We all know those people. The people who have more pictures of their dog than they do themselves. The people who have more pictures of their cat than they do their family members. My cousin who does emergency flat tire repair Buffalo NY is a huge animal enthusiast and got me interested in pets in the first place. Admittedly I’m kind of one of those people. Well, it’s because I want to be able to show my other animal-obsessed friends my little feline and canine babies when they show me theirs!

They all know what I look like, so what do I need pictures of myself on hand for, and they probably know what my boyfriend looks like, too (and even if they don’t, I mean, he’s cute, but he’s just a human… he’s no cat or dog), so logic dictates that the members of my family of whom I should have the most pictures on my phone are certainly my pets!

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