Wedding Photography

This is a big one. These are the pictures that will preserve memories of one of the most important (and hopefully one of the best!) days of your life. And what an industry it has become! Not only the wedding photography, but the whole kit and caboodle, all the way down to the graphic design firm that we hired for all the creative work. As soon as you say “wedding,” tensions heighten and prices jump. Everything from the venue to the cutlery will be scrutinized. The people who do your place settings could be different from the people who provide the table cloths, and they could be different yet again from those who do the chair covers. The whole thing is a bit nuts.

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Pet Pics

We all know those people. The people who have more pictures of their dog than they do themselves. The people who have more pictures of their cat than they do their family members. My cousin who does emergency flat tire repair Buffalo NY is a huge animal enthusiast and got me interested in pets in the first place. Admittedly I’m kind of one of those people. Well, it’s because I want to be able to show my other animal-obsessed friends my little feline and canine babies when they show me theirs!

They all know what I look like, so what do I need pictures of myself on hand for, and they probably know what my boyfriend looks like, too (and even if they don’t, I mean, he’s cute, but he’s just a human… he’s no cat or dog), so logic dictates that the members of my family of whom I should have the most pictures on my phone are certainly my pets!

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The Candid Shot

Theses are definitely my favourite. There is something to be said for the carefully thought-out, perfectly-posed family photo, or the fun group selfie-stick selfie when you book a Dayton party bus company, but there really is something special about a candid shot. In fact, I think there’s a lot to be said about it. Which is why I’ve decided to write a post about it. The candid is all about capturing the moment as it is; it’s the moment you open that perfect present; it’s your face right after you’ve swallowed that shot of tequila; it’s you shaking hands with your professor as you walk across the stage, so caught up in the moment that you’re not even thinking about your dad’s camera.

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The Selfie

I know. This is the type of “photography” that older generations associate with Millennials’ constant need to satisfy the ego (and granted, some people need Hamilton tow trucks to haul their ego around … but they’re not all Millennials); it’s perceived as the ultimate act of vanity, as you take a picture of yourself, and post it on Facebook or Instagram or whatever, so that your friends can “like” it, and tell you how beautiful your are, etc, etc. And other generations think that that is weak and pathetic and selfish. And maybe it is, a bit. I’m not a big selfie-taker myself (although I do have a very soft spot in my hear for Snapchat and its filters). However, I think it’s important to talk about this phenomenon as an indicator of how this generation feels in society, and how  technology and expectations oh beauty have come together to create this trend.

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